British Columbia Cyanescens Mushrooms


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British Columbia Cyanescens Mushrooms

British Columbia Cyanescens Mushrooms. Another primary definer is their copper-brown color that tends to fade into a paler yellow when they’re put to dry. Their gills produce a similar blue-ish tint when disturbed and contain up to 1.96% psilocybin, certainly putting these mushrooms at the top of our lists in terms of potency.


If you’re still concerned with the potential of experiencing wood-lover’s paralysis, you’d be happy to hear that Wavy Caps are often distributed by indoor cultivators who use wood chips as substrate, eliminating the potential for experiencing any somatic motor complications. That’s to say, if you have a reliable source of mushrooms who can confirm its cultivation origins, picking up a batch of Psilocybe cyanescens could be a viable option.

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Odour: Like the smell of freshly cut green beans and of flour.
Cap: 1.5–6 cm in diameter, starting out rounded and closed around the stem. When opening first convex with a distinct central bump (an umbo) that remains as the cap opens out and the cap margin becomes wavy. That waviness is the hallmark for this species. The colour is orange-brown at first, but when drying out it becomes tan-brown or ochre-brown. It readily bruises a greenish blue at the margin and centre of the cap. The whole cap can become a dark blue-brown with age. The gills show through as lines on the outer part of the cap. Shiny and slimy (viscid) when wet. The margin is thick and hangs over the gills.
Gills: Moderately crowded, broadly attached to the stem or notched. Starting out pale tan, they soon develop dark spots and in the end turn completely dark purple brown. Readily turning blue when touched and damaged.
Stems: 4–9 cm long x 0.25–0.8 cm wide, cylindrical or slightly wider at top than in the middle, covered by silvery fibres. The stem turns blue-green when touched and damaged.
Ring or veil: Threads from the veil are visible on the cap margin and the stem when the cap is opening up.
Cup: None.
Spores: 10–14 x 5.5–7 µm, smooth, with a germ pore.
Habitat: In troops and flushes, often on wood chips, on woody debris, rarely in lawns, common especially in urban environments. Saprotrophic
Geographical range: In BC, mainly in the Vancouver area. In coastal western North America from southern BC to southern California, rarely reported from eastern parts of the USA, widespread in Europe.

British Columbia Cyanescens Mushrooms For Sale

Though we briefly mentioned these mighty mushrooms under the category of fungi that thrive on the surface of decaying wood, Psilocybe cyanescens or ‘Wavy Caps’ nonetheless, deserve a spotlight of their own. As its name suggests, these mushrooms boast a large and flared, umbrella-like cap with rippled ridges, typically measuring 1.5-5 cm across.

Trip Report

Ingested 2.5 grams

“I have honestly never tripped as hard as i have in my life as i did today, the hallucinations while not harmful were quite intense, we are talking in the realm of walking into a room, continuing to walk out the room and still some how manage to be back in that same damn room coupled with some of the most intense open eye visuals i have ever experienced to say the least!”

5 ways to consume magic mushrooms

1. Straight Up Chew And Swallow

The more thoroughly you chew them, the more juice will come out. It will take them around 45 minutes to start working, depending on how full your stomach is. The less you eat before, the better. It is advisable to wait a few hours before eating.

2. Enjoy A Cup Of Tea

Taking mushrooms as tea will mask their distinct flavor. Mushrooms can be chopped or crushed. Place the mushrooms in the teapot. When the water is boiling, pour it over the mushrooms. Let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes while stirring. Strain, present, and personalize

3. Psilocybin Edibles

– Avoid adding the mushrooms at any point in the cooking process – It will help with both the taste and the queasy sensation that most users experience if it is included into cuisine. For instance, baking mushrooms on top of a pizza wouldn’t give you the best vacation. Instead, consider incorporating them into sauces or garnishes after cooking.

4. Magic Mushroom Capsules

Users of magic mushrooms have the option of microdosing with capsules. Ultimate clarity without sacrificing a day’s worth of time You can create your very own magic mushroom capsules at home with a grinder and empty capsules!

5. Lemon Tek: To Intensify The Trip

– Users believe that the lemon’s acidic nature breaks down the psilocybin, increasing the subsequent experience, in addition to making it quick and simple to consume. Start with half as many mushrooms as you normally would – In a small glass of your choice, lemon juice and ground magic mushrooms are combined. Place it aside, top with water, and consume all at once.

British Columbia Cyanescens Mushrooms

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