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Ecuadorian mushroom Grow kit

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms give a bright trip. The magic mushrooms from Ecuador are strong and therefore for the experienced user. Buy the Ecuadorian mushrooms growkit online now. Grow the magic mushrooms and enjoy a delicious trip. It’s so simple that everyone can do it, so don’t wait any longer and let yourself be surprised by the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms.

Ecuadorian mushroom Grow kit for the experienced users

These magic mushrooms belong to one of the stronger magic mushrooms in the world. This is a magic mushroom breeding kit that we only recommend to experienced psychonauts. These Ecuadorian magic mushrooms are similar to the Colombian magic mushrooms, but a bit stronger. So if you want to enjoy average to violent visuals, choose the Ecuadorian mushroom growkit.

Effects Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

After growing the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms, you’re going to have a very nice trip. The magic mushrooms from Ecuador are known for its pure operation. You can expect an intense trip. The effect often reported when using Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms is to detach yourself, as if you are entering another world. Since the intensity of ecuadorian magic mushrooms is just very high you notice that experienced psychonauts can cope better with the intensity than users without trip experiences. You can expect the following effects on an Ecuadorian mushroom trip:

  • Average to strong visual effects
  • Body parts that merge with the ground
  • Discovering a new, different world
  • Great need to laugh early in the trip
  • See color patterns on walls and roads
  • Moving and dancing trees or lampposts
  • Awareness of the concept
  • Out or body experience
  • energetic feeling

said, the intensity of Ecuadorian magic mushrooms is particularly large. You can come and always provide a tripsitter, tripstopper and previous experiences with magic mushrooms before you buy the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms.

How many Ecuadorian magic mushrooms should you take?

We advise you a few hours before you take the magic mushrooms nothing to eat. For example, you will notice the most effects of the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms. The magic mushrooms can eat you in freshly picked or dried shape. In addition, you can also take tea from it. To create so-called magic mushroom sit thee, place the magic mushrooms in hot water. Make sure the water doesn’t boil, this affects the psychoactive effects of the magic mushrooms. After 20 minutes, you have magic tea. The amount of magic mushrooms you eat depends on your experience as a psychonaut. Is it the first time you’ve been eating Ecuadorian magic mushrooms? Then we advise you to start with a small dose. You can always eat some magic mushrooms if you want a more intense trip.

Eat 1 to 2 grams of dried magic mushrooms for a small dose. Do you have fresh magic mushrooms? Then you choose 12 to 24 grams of fresh magic mushrooms. Do you have some more experience? Then you can go for an intense trip by eating 4 grams of dried magic mushrooms or 40 grams of fresh magic mushrooms.

What you need to know when you’re going to trip on Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

A delicious, fine and spectacular trip is all about good preparation. Make sure you’re going to enjoy your magic mushrooms on a sober stomach. Therefore, choose not to eat anything 6 hours before the trip. A safe environment is also very important to experience an intense trip in a pleasant way. Make sure you only trip with good friends around you who really trust you.

Get a tripsitter in your area. That’s someone who doesn’t take magic mushrooms and is sober. Especially with the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms, this is important. He can help you get back the awareness of time if this is difficult. The fact that the trip has a start and an end is often forgotten during a trip on the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms.

The last you get a trip stopper. You should always have this in the house when you’re going to trip. This can reduce the trip faster. Useful for when you want to tone down the intense trip slightly. The realization that you have this trip stopper in your house is a pleasant mind that makes you go into the trip more relaxed.

Growing Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

With the all-in-one growkit, you can now easily grow Ecuadorian magic mushrooms yourself. These magic mushrooms are so easy to grow that everyone can do this. All materials are present in the box. It also gives you easy roadmap so you can grow your magic mushrooms easily and quickly.

The 9-step plan to set-up your Ecuadorian magic mushrooms Grow kit

With the roadmap below, you can maximize your mushroom harvest. Follow this roadmap to grow a large amount of magic mushrooms so that you can enjoy a trip more often or with multiple friends at the same time.


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the exterior of the GrowKit with a clean, wet cloth. Remove the lid, but keep it for step 3.
  2. Fill the GrowKit with lukewarm water (20ºC) to the edge.
  3. Replace the lid and let the GrowKit soak for 5 to max. 50 min. Note: Never soak for more than one hour.
  4. After soaking, remove the lid from the GrowKit and gently drain the excess water. Drain the GrowKit 5 to 10 seconds
  5. Add lukewarm water (20ºC) to the growth bag.
    For the 2100cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 liter).
    For the 1200cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 liter).
    Place the GrowKit in the growth bag. Make sure the water doesn’t get over the edge of the GrowKit.
  6. Close the growth bag by turning a cover at the top and securing it with two paper clips (part of the GrowKit package).
  7. Put the grow kit in a place out of direct sunlight. Do not put the GrowKit under a lamp and not on or near a heater or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C. “Leave the bag closed until the pre-pins start to form” (this may take one or two weeks) In this stage the kit doesn’t need any oxygen but high CO2 level.
  8. “After the pre-pins have been started to grow” Moisten the kit daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps). In this stage the mushrooms needs fresh H2 O and O2 and the CO2 need to escape. This is also important after harvesting.
  9. The first mushrooms will be visible in two weeks. Be patient, it may take a longer period of time before the first mushrooms will grow. The mushrooms should be harvested just before the skin underneath the hats starts to loosen up.

The harvest : gently grab the stem, turn the stem quietly left and right, and then pull it up quietly to pull the mushroom out as complete as possible. In this way, it is possible that new mushrooms will grow again.

Content of your Ecuadorian Grow kit

When you buy your Ecuadorian Growkit, you’ll get it delivered quickly at home. Then you can start growing magic mushrooms. In your Ecuadorian Growkit you will find the following materials:

  • Psilocybe Ecuaescens  1200 or 2100 cc
  • Growkit
  • Grow instructions

The harvest of your Ecuadorian mushroom Grow kit

After professional breeding of your Ecuadorian magic mushrooms it is time to harvest it. How many magic mushrooms do you actually get from a magic mushroom grow kit? The mushroom growkitis available in  1200 cc and 2100 cc. It is good to realize that each mushroom growkit can be extracted multiple flushes. This means that multiple harvests from one of the magic mushroom breeding kit are possible.

  • Psilocybe Ecuaescens 1200 or 2100 cc
  • Growkit
  • Breeding Instructions

Ofcourse this depends on how you deal with the magic kit and how the quality of breeding is. The right conditions are the key to a successful harvest. Now Ecuadorian magic mushrooms are very pleasant to grow. They can tolerate a lot. Temperature fluctuations are very used to them from their natural environment. This is also common in the Andes Mountains. This makes growing Ecuadorian mushrooms a breeze, even for novice growers. The Ecuadorian path do growkit always gives you an equal number of magic mushrooms, after all, you can do little wrong with this growkit. The mushroom has solid white stems and large fruit bodies. On top of the mushroom you will find a white nipple in the middle of the hat.

Preserving your Ecuadorian mushroom Grow kit

As it’s a fresh product we advise you to set up your mushroom growkit immediately. This way you can get the best result and ensure a nice mushroom harvest. Most mushroom growkit can be stored in the fridge for about 3 to 6 months before starting growing. Check out the shelf life on the packaging.

Origin of the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

It will come as no surprise to you that the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms were first discovered in Ecuador. Thats why they are called the Ecuadorian mushrooms. The mushroom was discovered in the Andes Mountains about 1,000 meters above sea level.

Buy your Ecuadorian mushrooms Grow kit online

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms are for the experienced psychonaut. Buy your Ecuadorian mushroom growkit online now in our smartshop. It’s guaranteed to get you great trips. After you have ordered our Ecuadorian mushrooms online, we pack it for you and send it to you. This way you can soon enjoy an intense mushroom trip.

Magic mushrooms Grow kit Ecuadorian – All in one Growkit


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