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Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom growkit

Are you ready for the world’s strongest mushroom? The Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom is 5 times stronger then most psilocybin  magic mushrooms you may have used. Prepare for a spectacular trips that will turn your world upside down. Buy your Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom growkit online now.

Effect of Copelandia Hawaiian Mushrooms

The Copelandia mushroom (Panaeolus Cyanescens or Copelandia Cyanescens) is likely to be better known as Hawaiian magic mushrooms. This is perhaps the strongest magic mushroom on earth. These magic mushrooms give you a visual trip that are very stron. This great mushroom is only suitable for highly experienced psychonauts who have had many trips on magic mushrooms

If you take these Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushrooms the first time, take no more than 0.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms or 5 grams of fresh magic mushrooms. This is one of the strongest magic mushrooms in the world. Don’t confuse these magic mushrooms with the milder Psilocybe Cubensis Hawaiian either. These are two completely different magic mushrooms.

The Hawaiian Copelandia mushroom (Panaeolus Cyanescens) is a very powerful and hallucinogenic mushroom. They therefore also give a very strong visual trip. The visuals are stronger and brighter than you’ve ever experienced, and so are the geometric patterns you’re guaranteed to see. You will especially experience a sense of peace and well-being, this is also due to the lower body effects.

People describe the world as magical after eating the Hawaiian Copelandia magic mushrooms. Everything is beautiful and it makes you feel like you’ve ended up in heaven. The world around you shows itself in different colors and all these colors are all beautiful. Spiritual, philosophical and hallucinatory effects are common during tripping on Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushrooms.

Contents of the Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom growkit

The Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom growkit contains 4 products. With these 4 products you can grow great Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms for a violent trip. In the box you will find:

  • Grow bin with mycelium
  • Topsoil layer
  • Moisture bag or rather, grow bag
  • Paperclip

After opening the box you can start growing the strongest magic mushrooms in the world, just in the comfort of your own home.

How do you grow Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms?

With this growkit, you can easily grow your Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms at home. Note: Always clean your hands with soap before handling the grow kit or the Mushrooms. Always work in a clean environment.


  1. Open the box and take out the contents: the grow kit, the grow bag, two containers of soil and one paper clip.
  2. Wash your hands well with soap and take the lid of the kit. Spread the two containers soil evenly over the sealant.
  3. Spray the top layer of the sealant, making sure it is very damp, also spray the inside of the bag. Make sure there is enough oxygen in the bag and put the kit in it. Then close the bag with the paperclip.
  4. Make sure to spray the kit daily and provide fresh oxygen (squeeze the bag to let the old oxygen out and fresh oxygen in). It is very important at this stage that the top layer remains moist.
  5. Mushrooms form after 6 to 11 days. At this point, pull the grow kit out of the grow bag and spray only the inside of the bag and refresh the oxygen. Put the kit back in the grow bag. (Hawaiian mushrooms do not like direct contact with water).
  6. 5-7 days after the mushrooms start to grow, they are ready to be picked. Harvest 36 hours after the first black spores begin to fall from the mushroom caps. Pick the mushroom by pushing it over until the bottom of the stem snaps. This was your first flight.
  7. After this you can start a new crop. You do this by starting again at step 3 and repeating the entire cycle. The most important thing is to keep the grow kit moist and make sure that the kit gets fresh air daily. Remember that the Copelandia is a much more sensitive product than any other mushroom grow kit on the market

Harvesting of your Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom growkit

The right time to harvest your Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms is 24 to 36 hours after the first black traces of the hats of the magic mushrooms fell. However, picking these mushrooms is different from other magic mushrooms. Make sure you’ve thoroughly washed and cleaned your hands. Now you don’t twist the mushrooms until they come loose, but press the mushrooms to a side by pushing them over. This will simply releases them. Preferably start in the middle of the grow box and push them to the side until they let go. In any case, do not remove too much from the top bottom layer during harvesting. The Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom growkit delivers about 120 grams of fresh magic mushrooms per harvest.

Dose of the Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

Eating the Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushrooms is different from other magic mushrooms. After all, they are 5 times stronger as the Cubensis mushroom species. Therefore, you should take care with the dosage of this mushroom. Take as a highly experienced psychonaut only an appropriate amount of this magic mushroom. We advise you to keep the following dosages:

  • 0.5 grams dried magic mushrooms or 5 grams fresh magic mushrooms for an average trip
  • 0.7 grams of dried magic mushrooms or 7 grams of fresh magic mushrooms for a strong trip with lots of visual effects
  • 1 gram dried magic mushrooms or 10 grams of fresh magic mushrooms for a very intense trip

We advise to everyone who is going to try these amazing strong magic mushrooms to not exceed the dose of 5 grams of fresh Copelandia  mushrooms on a first trip. These are a special kind of magic mushrooms. This is totally different than you’ve ever experienced before. A brand-new world will open up to you during a trip Copelandia mushrooms.

The origin of the Copelandia Cyanescens Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

The Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushrooms do not only give a great trip, this species have also traveled themselves. They are originally from South-East Asia. In the Philippines, they probably originate and ended up in Hawaii through cattle. This has been around the year 1800.

These magical mushrooms with psychoactive substances grow on manure, but also in grassy areas. They grow not only in Hawaii and the Philippines, but you can also encounter them in Australia, Bali, America, Bolivia, Mexico and Brazil. We also can’t rule out preventing them from occurring in other areas in South-East Asia. We need to be as humans so grateful for the Copelandia Hawaiian mushrooms. Myologist Jimmy Kroonenburg has unveiled the first user-friendly Hawaiian Copelandia mushroom growkit and that’s why it’s now for sale online in our smart shop.

Note: Delivery Copelandia Magic Mushrooms

The Copelandia species is very susceptible to infections, if it is on the road for more than two days, there is a good chance that it will become infected. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse the Copelandia grow kit if it has been on the road for more than 48 hours and has become infected!

Buy your Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom growkit online

It has taken a while but from now on you can also grow your Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushrooms independently with this growkit. A real outcome for the experienced psychonaut. With these Hawaiian magic mushrooms, you’re going to experience a trip you haven’t experienced before. Spectacular, visually very strong and hallucinating. This magic mushroom has it all and takes away your previous trips as lessons that were useful before you can undertake this spiritual journey. Buy your Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom growkit now and explore magic in a box!

Magic mushrooms Grow kit – Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom growkit


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